Teach your children the skills they need to help refuse and report child abuse.

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"Every child should have one of these Boxes."

- Erin Merryn, MSW
Adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse and creator of Erin's Law,
which requires sexual abuse prevention education in 37 states

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The Body Safety Box helps parents and schools give their children the latest in evidence-based child abuse prevention education.

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Step 1

Parents can buy The Body Safety Box online now. Schools can contact us here for classroom kits.

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Step 2

Complete the lesson series with your children. All activity directions and materials are included.

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Step 3

Review the completed activities regularly. The Body Safety Box makes sensitive conversations easy.

Would your child know what to do in a bad situation?

Abuse is rampant. And we can’t “gated community” our way out of it. Most of us learned Stranger Danger when we were children, yet national data informs us that over 90% of children today know their abuser. Estimates suggest that one in four girls and one in thirteen boys experience contact sexual abuse before turning 18, and only 10% of children tell. The median age of child sexual abuse is only 9 years old. One in three women will experience violence in a relationship during her lifetime.

The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study is the largest of its kind offering data on over 17,000 middle class and primarily college educated adults. In this collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Kaiser Permanente, results demonstrate that most adults have experienced at least one or more types of adversity while growing up; and these adverse experiences often have lifetime negative physical and emotional health consequences.  Prevention is the answer.

Research suggests that a perpetrator will move on when a would-be victim shows refusal skills; an informed child is a better protected child. Abuse from an older child to a younger child is becoming more common, and 27% of minors report receiving inappropriate images via text. All of our children need to be equipped with the refusal and telling skills they need to help stay safe from abuse.

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“The Body Safety Boxes are terrific!”

– Marcia Stanton, MSW
Child Abuse Prevention Coordinator
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

“My kids love their Boxes!”

– Lina Muñoz, M.Ed.
School administrator
Mom of four

“Where was this when I was a kid?”

– Adult survivor of child sexual abuse

Testimonial Author Photo
Testimonial Author Photo
Testimonial Author Photo

What is inside
The Body Safety Box?

The Body Safety Box makes sensitive conversations easy. We give parents all of the language, activity directions, and materials needed for your children to create a series of fun, keepsake-quality projects they’ll love and remember. The Body Safety Box comes in two versions, one for children ages 5-8 and one for children ages 9-12. Our classroom kits for schools are packaged for primary and intermediate grade children.

Younger children create seven projects including framed artwork, games, puppets, and a customizable book.  Older children create six projects including hanging artwork, a customizable book, games, and a pillowcase.  Everything you’ll need to give your child the latest in evidence-based child abuse prevention education is included inside The Body Safety Box, and lessons incorporate brain-compatible best practices consistent with ways that children learn optimally.

Please visit our gallery page to see some of The Body Safety Box activities in action with children.  The Body Safety Box has provided thousands of children with the finest in abuse prevention education, and these lessons are available to buy now for your children.

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